newborn baby and birth photographer


Welcome to Bright Moon Photography! I'm Hannah, the face behind the camera, and the artist who turns your "now" into images you'll want to pass on to your grandchildren. 

If you've ever gotten that overwhelming feeling when you realize that each moment you live you'll never get back, you're in the right place. Your babies will only be newborns for a couple weeks, and they'll change before your very eyes. It's so. not. fair. A session with me freezes those tiny fingers and cheeks and keeps the memories of your baby close at hand so you'll never forget just how little they are.

I love listening to women tell me their birth stories, it's such a personal journey and each and every birth is different and unique. The way that a baby arrives is an unforgettable experience for each woman. It's beautiful and raw, full of emotion and adrenaline. I take a journalistic approach to your birth story, so you can see the precious things you may have missed in the moment! 

Let me show you some of my favorite work!

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